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Hornby 2 BIL & 2 HAL

Creating a Hybrid Unit

by Colin Watts


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Fellow finescale modellers!

Over the years a number of 2 BIL and 2 HAL units were damaged with several having replacement vehicles including the ‘Mary’ style as used in the ‘Tin-HALs’ and later 4 SUB units.

However, four 2 BIL units acquired HAL Driving Trailer Composites whilst one 2 HAL units ran with a 2 BIL Driving Trailer Composite.

Detailed history of these five units can be found within the pages on 2 BIL units here and 2 HAL units here.

For any modellers considering converting Hornby’s BIL and HAL units here is a summary of these units.

2 HAL 2626 had its DTC replaced from 2 BIL 2028 from January 1967 on.
Livery was BR(S) green with small yellow warning panel.

2 BIL 2056 had its DTC replaced from 2 HAL 2646 from November 1947 on.
Livery was SR thence BR(S) green with yellow warning panels from 10th March 1965 and full yellow ends (wrap) from 22nd November 1968.

2 BIL 2070 borrowed a DTC from 2 HAL 2601 between June 1956 and August 1957.
Livery was BR(S) green.

2 BIL 2088 had its DTC replaced from 2 HAL 2653 (the two were in collision) from December 1949 on.
Livery was SR thence BR(S) green until scrapping in 1962 (Barnham derailment).

2 BIL 2113 borrowed a DTC from 2 HAL 2611 between 1959 and March 1961.
Livery was BR(S) green.

This leaves the potential for a modeller to buy one each 2 BIL /2 HAL, swap the DTC coaches and renumber to give two hybrid units!


Kind regards,

Colin Watts



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