1001 in Detail
(1) Interiors

S60118 6L Motor Coach ‘Tunbridge Wells’
Now designated ‘Club-class’ this has a striking
red interior along with the walnut panelling.

CIW 202 Interior S60116S 01.jpg


S60501 6S Trailer Coach
Standard class with ‘Trojan’ moquette

CIW 202 Interior S60501S 01.jpg


S60501 and one of the ‘one-and-a-half’ seats. These seats are provided adjacent
to vestibule doors where there is insufficient width for a full-width pair of seats.

CIW 202 Interior S60501S 02.jpg


S60501 and opposite a ‘one-and-a-half’
seat is a conventional pair of seats.

CIW 202 Interior S60501S 03.jpg


S60501 and through the open vestibule door can be seen
the gangway connection with the ex-Big buffet car beyond.

CIW 202 Interior S60501S 04.jpg


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