Past emu /demu Models

As a modeller, time progresses and one’s models are regularly updated.
Whilst the following were nice models they were passed on and replaced in my collection.


1957 Hampshire 3H 1115
Southern Pride

w1115 3H.jpg


1958 Hastings 2H 1119
Southern Pride

w1119 2H.jpg


2-Bil 2053
Ian Kirk

w2153 2-Bil.jpg


2-Bil 2121
Ian Kirk

w2121 2-Bil.jpg


‘Gatwick’ 2-Hal 2698
Brass kit

w2698 2-Hal.jpg


4-Cor 3113 (half unit shewn)

w3113 4-Cor.jpg


‘Sheba’ 4105 (half unit shewn)
Alastair Rolfe kit

w4105 4-Sub.jpg


Express gear ratio 4-EPB 5308 (half-unit shewn)
Southern Pride

w5308 4-EPB.jpg


Bulleid’ 2-EPB 5659
Alastair Rolfe kit

w5659 Bulleid 2-EPB.jpg


2-EPB 5721
Southern Pride

w5721 2-EPB.jpg


2-EPB 5734
Southern Pride

w5734 2-EPB.jpg


2-EPB 5742
Southern Pride

w5742 2-EPB.jpg


2-EPB 5753
Southern Pride

w5753 2-EPB.jpg


2-Hap 6155
Southern Pride

w6155 2-Hap.jpg


4-Bep 7006 (half unit shewn)
Southern Pride

w7006 4-Bep.jpg


4-Cep 7157 (half unit shewn)
Southern Pride

w7157 4-Cep.jpg


MLV 68000 (standard BG behind)
Southern Pride

w68000 MLV.jpg