Steam Locomotives

BR livery

00 Works 4mm models


Where stated the locomotive allocation depot dates
are approximate and relate to the livery modelled.


Adam’s Radial ‘0415’ class 30584

Allocated 72A for the Lyme Regis branch

0415 30584.jpg


‘E4’ class 32468

70A (5/49) – 75D (12/51) – 75A (2/55)


‘E4’ class 32503

74D (5/49) – 75A (9/55)

E4 32503 (R).jpg


‘L’ class 31776

75A (5/56) – 70A (6/59)

L 31776.jpg


L detail 1.jpg


L detail 2.jpg


L detail 3.jpg


‘L’ class 31778

75A (5/56) – 70A (6/59) – Withdrawn (8/59)

L 31778.jpg


‘N15’ King Arthur class 30782 Sir Brian

70A (10/49) – 71A (12/50) – 71B (6/51 – 5/60)

N15 30782.jpg

It is to Roderick’s (00 Works) credit that his King Arthur class locomotives
do stand up very well alongside Hornby’s later models!



Devon Belle Observation Car


Roderick (00 Works) made livery variations of cars no.14 & 15 – roof & seating colour.
This model had passengers fitted and was sold to run on a layout somewhere in the south-east.


Sc280M Oban Line Observation Car


Roderick (00 Works) only made a couple of models of Sc280M
A rare model indeed now sold to run on a layout somewhere up north!


Sc281M Kyle Line Observation Car


Roderick (00 Works) made a few models of Sc281
and this sits on my shelf as a fine example of his work.