Hornby’s Maunsell Restaurant Car S7861S

Hornby’s Maunsell Restaurant cars are superb models!

Diag. 2651 car no. S7861S was repainted from SR Green to CLC on 17th February 1955; it was
subsequently repainted from CLC to BR(SR) Green on 7th November 1957 (c
atalogue no. R4817).

BR(S) green S7861S
© BloodandCustard


BR(S) green S7861S
© BloodandCustard


Hornby have also released S7858S (R4817A) in BR(S) green (after it was outshopped from CLC to BR(S) green at Lancing om 20th December 1956) and 7869 (R4816) in unlined olive with sunshine lettering (correct for the 1940s-on and believed how the later 1934-built cars were introduced).

The Diag. 2651 car (as modelled by Hornby in BR(s) green) was one of six built in 1927 but in its post-rebuilding condition (c.1935) with the recessed double doors. There were a number of minor bodyside differences between these six cars and the further twenty cars built in 1929 and 1930. The Diag. 2656 cars built in 1932 were (with the exception of cooking apparatus) similar in body style to the Diag. 2650 cars built in 1934.

Today just one Maunsell Kitchen Buffet car survives in the form of no. 7864 (Diag. built 1932 at Eastleigh - E635) which is currently undergoing restoration into traffic at the Bluebell Railway. Withdrawn by British Rail 27th January 1962 it is understood this arrived at the Bluebell Railway on or just before 18th March 1962 and needs substantial work.

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