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A train on the railway tracks

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New Eastleigh 22nd June 1934 Restaurant Car 7998 received an Olive-livery repaint 27th April 1939 thence Malachite-livery 30th January 1947. Diag.2655 car S7998S was outshopped CLC-livery 16th March 1956 and is believed to have received BR(S) Green-livery during an A2 plus damage repair 11th November 1957.

S7998S was found on hand at Clapham Jct. 1st March 1961 with cooking stove broken in several places and displaced. End vestibule standing pillar displaced, End vestibule ceiling ply broken and roof framing suspected fracture. Saloon cross seats – legs adrift. Damage repaired Lancing 6th June 1961. Car withdrawn 1st December 1961.

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Getting help with Model Railways

Model Railway Fault Finding and Servicing (by LC&DR)
An informative guide to those who are having running /electrical problems
with their models and need help in order to try and solve them.

Wheel-Rail Interface (Back-to-backs) (by T.L. Wainscott)
An informative guide to those who are having derailment problems
with their models and need help in order to try and solve them.

Replacing fluorescent lighting with LEDs (by East Sussex Finescale)
Lighting in your Track Room
LED fluorescent tube replacement and how the re-wiring circuitry works!

Useful Notes for Modellers – Couplings (by T.L. Wainscott)
Buckeye couplings on Bachmann stock


Link to 12”=1’ pages

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Modelling information on Blood and Custard

Coaches (PCC & NPCC)

Detailing Coaches


Removing the bodies on Hornby’s Brighton Belle (5 BEL) units

Removing the bodies on Hornby’s Pullman Cars


Bulleid’s 59’ Coaches & Hornby’s models (‘multidoor’ mainline stock)

Bulleid’s 64’ Coaches & Bachmann’s models (‘saloon’ mainline stock)

SECR Birdcage sets & Bachmann’s models

Hornby’s Maunsell 48’ ex.LSWR Rebuilds

Hornby’s Maunsell Restaurant Cars

Replica’s BR(S) Non-corridor Stock


Engineering and Freight

Cowans Sheldon 15-ton Steam Cranes
(inc. Oxford Rail’s 2020 model)

Ransomes & Rapier 45-ton Steam Breakdown Cranes
(inc. Bachmann’s 2019 model)

SECR Diag. 1424 Covered Goods Wagon
(Rails’ SECR 16T Covered Goods Wagon)

BR Plate & Bolster wagons
(The Model Centre’s wagons and bespoke loads)

BMW Isetta
(as built at Brighton’s (former) locomotive works)


Southern Electric Units

Modelling BR(S) 2 HAP units by Dave Deadman & Colin Watts

Improving the Hornby 2 BIL (including conversion to P4) by Ian Sneyd

Hornby 2 BIL & 2 HAL creating a hybrid unit by Colin Watts


Merchant Navy class

Air-smoothed Merchant Navy Variations

Hornby’s Rebuilt Merchant Navy Locomotives and their Tenders


LB&SCR E2 class

Modelling notes on the E2 class 1913 - 1963


Fish by Rail and the Blue Spot Vans

BR Blue Spot Fish Vans
(overview of East Coast fish traffic and these vans)


 Southern 4mm layouts (East Sussex Finescale modelling group)

Ewhurst Green - c.1959 (00)  

Redhill - July 1938 (P4) - Structures

Redhill – July 930 (P4) - Locomotives

Apothecary Street Junction - c.1959 (00)


 Modelling Galleries on Blood and Custard

Southern and related 4mm Models

Kernows D600 ‘Warship’

Hornby’s LN ‘Lord Nelson

Hornby’s A1x ‘Terrier’

Kernow’s Bulleid Diesels 10201, 10202 & 10203

Kernow’s LSWR Gate Stock

BR(S) steam locomotives

Selection of BR (S) Multiple-unit Models


00 Works Models (4mm)

00 Works manufactures small production runs of ready-to-run (mainly) locomotives.
Previously located in Hastings they are now based in Robertsbridge.

00 Works – BR Livery

00 Works – SR livery





Links to Model Railway Clubs,
Retailers & Suppliers

(with whom I have first-hand /robust knowledge).

The Model Centre (Yorkshire)

Kernow Model Centre (Cornwall & Surrey)

Model Scenery Supplies (Cromer, Norfolk)

Morris Models (Lancing, West Sussex)


ASIS3D (manufacturer of gears and otheru seful 3D printed products)

OO Works (locomotive manufacturer based in Robertsbridge)

Rails (Sheffield)

Ultrascale (suppliers of finescale locomotive wheelsets and gearing)

Mousa Models (made to order rolling stock kits)


The UK Model Shop Directory

The UK Model Clubs Directory

Ashford International Model Railway Education Centre

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Link to East Sussex Finescale modelling group

East Sussex Finescale


A train on the railway tracks

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Expertly weathered and renumbered by The Model Centre, a pair of Bachmann’s 2 COM units very much look the part running on the ‘Ewhurst Green’ model railway. The 2 COM units were redesignated 2 EPB units which included a red cantrail band to denote the compartments.

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